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How to get started?

Simple instructions on how to get started with us.

Register on the site

If you wish to start earning with us, just follow these steps: First of all, register your account on our site. It is fast, easy, and free. And receive $10 Bonus! Make sure to add your real data, especially an active email address as we will send you notifications about your earnings or we might require some extra verification during your use of the site. Also, make sure you keep your password safe and do not use the same password on multiple sites. It is a good idea to use password generators or password managers like LastPass.

After you’ve signed up, We will send you verification link to your email and click the link to verify, so you are good to go for your first log in using the same data you have just used to sign up.

Look around, set your data

We recommend starting with filling in your profile data with payment processors wallet address. This is important as we will use this setting to pay out your earnings and earnings from your referrals if you get any.

You can also check out other pages, look at how the site works. Please spend some time reading our Frequently Asked Questions along with Terms of Service to learn more details about Hashing Trade.

Choose an investment plan and invest

We have prepared several investment plans for you. Just go to Investments - Make Deposit from your sidebar, choose your plan, payment method, and pay. Invest with Bitcoin. We do not recalculate your Bitcoin investment so you do not need to worry about the floating BTC exchange rate.

After your payment processor forwards you back to the site, your deposit will be visible on your dashboard page and also in the Investments - Your Deposits subpage. Bitcoin Payment, please wait for 2 confirmations from the Bitcoin network. After we receive them, your deposit will be added to your account.

Watch your income growing

Now you have deposits working for you just sit back and relax. 24 hours after your deposit is booked on your account, you will start receiving accruals from it. What is more, we will notify you via email every time you get your accrual so you won’t miss it. After your account is credited with income from a plan, you can withdraw it straight away.

We have prepared several sections on the site for you so you can see your full deposits list or detailed list of your accruals only. Withdrawing money with us is also a piece of cake; just go to the Withdraw section, choose the balance you want to withdraw from and request your payment. It will be sent within a few seconds and should be sitting in your wallet in just a couple of shakes.

Tell your friends and family

They say it takes two to tango but we say it takes much more than two, the more the better! You can earn from 8% - 2% - 1% three level of your referrals income so, don’t hesitate to get as many referrals as you can! Also, you can apply to be a representative and represent us to receive great benefits. We have prepared several banners, referral links, and forum codes so you can choose whichever way suits you best to talk about us.

The amount of income from your referrals depends on your engagement on the site. If you haven’t made any deposits, your referral income will be fixed at the 8% - 2% - 1% 3levels. The more you invest, the higher the referral income level you will get, just check our FAQ section for details.